Why a Rocky Relationship Isn’t Worth the Ride

We’ve all been or known someone in an unstable relationship; it goes up, it goes down and half of the time we don’t know where the hell it’s going the next day.

This kind of relationship is what I like to call, “toxic love.”

It’s harmful, you know you should stay away, but for whatever reason you are drawn to it and something inside of you will always want to go back.

Friends never believe when you say it’s over and you find yourself slowly being consumed by this one person. You feel like there is a special bond between the two of you that no one else can understand. But what if that bond is all bullshit?

When you think back on the experiences you’ve had with this person, you kick yourself for putting up with all of the heartache. You then realize for a split second that he/she is a complete asshole.

Before you know it, you’ve wasted six years of your life and all you have to show is some lousy ring that means nothing anymore.

The ring is tainted just like the relationship and now you’ve crossed a line that can never be erased. You’ve said the M word, you’ve acted on it and now he ditched out – just like he always did.

Are you surprised? After all, you had to pinch yourself just to make sure you were awake when he proposed.

While that’s embellished and something I wrote for creative purposes, it all ties into the fact that roller coaster relationships don’t have a happy ending. Once you break up, it will never be the same. You won’t be able to get past the fact that he didn’t want to be your boyfriend and because of that your relationship won’t work out a second, third or fourth time.

Real love isn’t rocky, it doesn’t squeak and it most certainly doesn’t have mechanical problems that leave you hanging at the most inconvenient times, like your wedding day.

So, while putting an end to “toxic love” seems impossible and too painful to bare, it’s not. Dig deep inside before your breaking point and realize what you have isn’t “true love.” Your relationship and the love that you have for each other is a façade – you’ve been hiding it from one another, but you have failed at hiding it from the people who truly love you.

Consider this a warning and the golden rule of dating… you break up once, the relationship is over. There are no apologies or make up sex. If he/she was stupid enough to let you go, don’t let them have the satisfaction of getting you back.

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  1. Liz says:

    This article is so sad because its so true and we still find ourselves continueing to give in.

  2. jessicahbenson says:

    I agree. There is a reason why the relationship ended, so why continue? When I left my ex, he said, “but I can change.” My response to him was then you should have done it while we were still together because I told you the things I didn’t like for a reason.
    now, I’m in a great relationship. And I was shocked one day when my boyfriend’s guy friend asked us how many times we had broken up. We said none, but I wanted to say that healthy relationships shouldn’t have break ups. so this guy is getting married in a month to someone he has been in a rocky relationship with. He can never tell her that he was with other girls while they were apart. And the problem is that it will come out one day by accident because it has almost happened multiple times. I can picture it already. The guys are drinking talking about the past and a story will come up. “hey remember when we went to old town and this happened? And oops, that wasn’t your wife that was there, but one of the girls you were hooking up with while you guys were on break.” And when she finds out, all hell will break loose, I guarantee it.

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