Cardio Barre — Hollywood

Hi, my name’s Whitney and I’m addicted to Richard Giorla’s Cardio Barre.

I’m literally OBSESSED with the advanced class Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Hollywood!

I was getting tired of the gym and needed to shake up my exercise routine. Luckily, my girlfriend found a deal on Groupon… $40 for 10 classes. We tried it out, and just as I¬†expected, five minutes into my first class, I was hooked!

It’s a high energy workout that sculpts your muscles and elongates the appearance of your body. We joke that it’s ballet on crack — but it literally is!

Using the foundation of ballet, in an hour time span, you mix bar work with center and floor work. The sets are long and very fast. It’s easy to want to give up, but impossible when you have a room full of people experiencing the same pain. I love Cardio Barre because it’s a total body workout. In just weeks, your legs and glutes feel firm and, because of the integration of free-weights, your upper body and back will be completely toned. Another plus, every exercise strengthens your core whether you’re at the bar or on the ground.

And it’s not just for women. I’ve taken class with a guy that’s as big as a football player, and even he struggles. There’s different levels to fit everyone’s ability and you don’t have to be a ballerina to enjoy the class. The students in Cardio Barre are there to work and when you put all of your energy into the hour class, it’s the best workout in L.A.

Show up in whatever you feel comfortable in, but make sure your clothes aren’t restricting. Class is done barefoot, so no excuses that you don’t have ballet shoes! All that’s required is a towel and water bottle.

Take one class and you’ll want more — trust me!

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