Taco Tuesday!

Taco Tuesday is an essential weekly habit.

It’s cheap and fun — especially in Hollywood. Let’s take a look at some of Getitwhit’s favorite places to get inexpensive tacos and drinks on Tuesday nights. Because everyone could use a little Mexican food and drink specials in their life!


Sunset Stip Location

Two locations: West Hollywood & Hollywood

Deals: $4.95 all you can eat tacos including rice & beans

Drink specials: 2-for-1 drinks 4PM-8PM & Late Night (10PM)

Verdict: great drink specials! You can’t really beat Cabo Cantina’s deals. Always crowded, always loud but so fun whether you’re with friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend. The entire restaurant is covered in big-screen TV’s so you won’t ever miss a game. Also, outdoor seating for those who want fresh air. Take note: the Sunset location is a lot smaller than Hollywood.

Cabo Cantina on Urbanspoon Cabo Cantina on Urbanspoon Cabo Cantina on Urbanspoon Cabo Cantina‎ on Urbanspoon

TE’KILA Bar & Grill

Location: Hollywood

Deals: $1 tacos (no limit)

Drink specials: $5 margaritas, $5 patron shots, $5 well drinks, $5 bottle beers & $4 draft beer 4PM-8PM

Verdict: Te’kila is definitely underrated. Hardly ever crowded, you won’t have any trouble finding seats or holding a conversation with your friends. The bartenders are cool and patrons are always friendly. It also has big-screen TV’s and are always playing sports games. This is one of our favorite spots to drink at!

Te’Kila on Urbanspoon


Three locations: Downtown, Hollywood & North Hollywood

Deal: $1 tacos (chicken or beef) 3PM-close

Drink specials: $3 margaritas & $3 Mexican beer + normal happy hour 3PM-7PM & Late night (10PM-close)

Verdict: LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! The tacos are great and drinks are cheap. The restaurant is covered in big-screen TV’s so you’ll never miss a game. The vibe is similar to Cabo Cantina but without foreigners and tourists.

Big Wangs on Urbanspoon Big Wangs on Urbanspoon Big Wangs on Urbanspoon


Location: West Hollywood

Deals: $1.50 tacos (beef, chicken, veggie, carnitas –soft OR crunchy)

Drink specials: $5 margaritas, $3 beers 4PM-7PM

Verdict: the food is great and this restaurant has always had our heart. It’s private and full of great service. It’s a little gem tucked in West Hollywood!

Marix Tex Mex Cafe on Urbanspoon Marix Tex Mex Cafe on Urbanspoon


Location: West Hollywood

Deals: $7.95 all you can eat taco bar 5PM-12AM

Drink specials: $5 margaritas & $5 martinis

Verdict:  This place is so packed, good luck finding a seat. This is in the heart of Boy Town — if you aren’t gay friendly, stay out because they don’t want you either! But if you can score a seat, Getitwhit says go for it! Hamburger Mary’s is always a fun experience! We should also warn you — there’s a drag queen that does nightly shows. Be prepared to get pulled up if you look terrified!

Hamburger Mary's on Urbanspoon Hamburger Mary's Long Beach on Urbanspoon

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