Food Review: Taco Bill

Taco Bill… not Bell, like in America.

Massive margaritas, fun atmosphere and decent Mexican food. For those of you not living on this side of the equator, good Mexican food is hard to come by. You don’t come to Taco Bill for the food, you pay for the atmosphere.

No other place in Australia has giant margaritas like these. Made with 10 shots of tequila, you could swim in this thing. For you L.A. residents, it’s about the same size as Cabo Cantina’s big margaritas… but with 6 more shots! For this drink, you’ll be looking at around $30. For normal margaritas, think $10.

We ordered the chicken and steak fajitas, which were quite tasty. My boyfriend and I shared the meal, but only because we got an appetizer beforehand. I strongly recommend the flautas — fried but semi-soft, these little guys and their sauce are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

That, plus the alcohol, was plenty for two people. I would bypass the chips and salsa. They are about $6 (no, they aren’t free in Australia) and the size is not worth the money. Oh and the refried beans, they taste like they just came out of the can and were microwaved. I wouldn’t recommend those either.

I’d give Taco Bill a 3-out-of-5 stars. Not for the food, but for the atmosphere. While I hear not all Taco Bill’s are the same, I can say with confidence the Essedon and South Melbourne locations are a good time!

And one cool thing about this restaurant is their Taco Club. Dinners out are expensive in Australia, so anytime you can get deals, I say go for it! This is what Taco Club gives: FREE meal (up to $30) during your birthday month and 20% off your first meal when you sign up through their homepage.

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  1. RobNav says:

    Doesn’t count as a Mexican restaraunt if they don’t serve tapatio there. You cant eat fajitas with vegemite…. Just sayin.

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